In Love With Books

We all love books. At least, I assume that’s why you’re here. Do you remember the first book that opened up your heart, made itself cozy, and then immediately invited new friends to join them? Do you remember the one that unlocked your imagination, opening up an entirely new world for you?

Ho Ho Ho Writing Tag

Ho Ho Ho Writing Tag

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of 2018… Does anyone else feel like we just did all of this a few weeks ago? I swear that time keeps going faster and faster. In the spirit of the season, I’m taking a break from holiday preparations and doing the Ho Ho Ho Writing Tag by Kim Chance and Melissa Hope. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, so I’m really excited to participate in this particular tag! (Indirectly tagged by Maverick Moses!)

Hocus Pocus Writing Tag

In honor of Halloween, I decided to do the Hocus Pocus Writing Tag by Kim Chance and Destiny Murtaugh! This is my first time doing a writing tag and, since this one came from YouTube and I don’t have a channel there, I’m sharing my answers here on my new website.